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EZ-Pulse Extended Wheel Lugs and Adapter Plate
$69 per set of two
Various sizes available

Lug Nuts: • Lug Nuts are available in several different sizes and threads. Make sure the extended lugs you received are a match to the vehicle they on which they are to be installed. The thread as well as the diameter may be different from one vehicle to another. For example, Honda and Subaru both use 12mm nuts, but the Subaru is a 1.25mm thread vs the Honda’s 1.5mm thread. Never force a lug nut onto the wheel lug!
• Replace two lug nuts opposite each other on the wheel. (See illustration) If your car has an odd number of lugs choose two that are furthest apart. For two wheel drive cars, choose a non-driven wheel.
• The extended lugs should be installed to the factory recommended torque only.
Adapter Plate: • The pre-drilled 3/8” hole in the center of the adapter plate is for mounting the EZ-Pulse sending unit.
• Measure the distance between between the mounting studs on the end of the installed extended lugs.
• If there is an even number of lugs, drill two 1/4” holes along the same center line as the EZ-Pulse mounting hole, equidistant from the center.
• If there is an odd number of lugs, offset the two 1/4” holes such that the EZ-Pulse ends up in the very center of the wheel. (See illustration)
Mounting the EZ-Pulse: • Mount the EZ-Pulse to the adapter plate first. Use both large flat washers on either side of the plate, and the lock washer under the outside nut. Using two wrenches, tighten the nut until the lock washer is fully compressed.
• Mount the adapter plate to the studs on the end of the extended lug nuts such that the center of the EZ-Pulse is over the center of the wheel.
• Use the provided nylon locking nuts to secure the plate to the lugs. ONLY TIGHTEN THE NUTS UNTIL SNUG – DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!
• Rotate the wheel to make sure the EZ-Pulse is well centered and does not wobble or rize-and-fall as the wheel turns.
• See the EZ-Pulse instruction manual to route the wiring into the car and set up for use.

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