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GPS Rally Sending Unit with Zero Installation

Imagine using your existing TSD rally computer, any brand, in any vehicle, without having to install a sending unit, probe or sensor. The ALFA GPS-Pulser allows you to do exactly that. It plugs directly into the sending unit input of your rally computer or odometer, and provides exactly the same signal as a traditional wheel mounted device. Your computer may then use its standard odometer correction factor to match any course in the usual manner. All you do is toss it up on the dashboard, and drive! Also, because the ALFA GPS-Pulser uses a high precision GPS1 receiver, it always knows the exact time and can be used to sync the clocks in popular rally devices.
"Black Box”: Requires no setup. Just plug it in and drive.
Compatible with all ALFA odometers and computers.
Compatible with virtually all other brand odometers which use electronic impulse sending units.
For example, Timewise2, Terratrip2, and even older Zeron2 and Chronar2 odometers.
Time Sync simultaneously available in both ALFA and Timewise formats.
56 channel, hybrid GPS1 receiver with differential correction and 100ms update rate.
Runs on any voltage from 5 to 16 volts DC, Less than 100ma.
Compact dimensions: 3.9” x 2.2” x 1.1” (100mm x 56mm x 28mm), 3oz (85g)
LED multi-color status indicator, shows current GPS1 signal condition.
LED motion indicator, shows when pulses are being sent.
General purpose interface cable included. (Wire terminations)

Price now includes standard shipping to USA destinations:

Only $179

ALFA time sync cable.
General purpose interface cable.
PC programming cable.
Timewise2 contact, 1/8 inch time sync cable.
Timewise RJ45 odometer cable.

Read the ALFA GPS-Pulser sending unit manual.

1. GPS odometer may not perform as consistently as traditional sending units due to inherent GPS limitations, terrain, weather, and other factors.
2. Timewise, Terratrip, Chronar and Zeron are trademarked names. Small Systems Specialists can not guarantee specifications of non-ALFA equipment.
3. All prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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